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What’s New at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo

New Exhibits

Back in 2015, the Fresno Chaffee Zoo made major moves to renovate the zoo and enhance the guests’ experience by opening the African Adventure exhibit. The exhibit is known for its large open areas where you can see the elephants, wildebeests, and even the new baby rhino.

Today, you might notice that the old giraffe feeding area is closed off for construction as they continue to work on their next biggest exhibit. The new exhibit will be called Kingdoms of Asia, which will eventually be the home of the baby orangutan. You can see the baby orangutan at the zoo today. The Asia exhibit is currently being worked on and is planned to be open by 2021.

Seasonal Events

The Fresno Chaffee Zoo has begun to do special events throughout the year. Stomp N’ Chomp, Santa Paws, and Cool Zoo are all events they do to as apart of their animal enrichment program to give guests a special experience during the seasons as well as educate them on animal behaviors.

Evenings on the Savanna

In the month of May, the Fresno Chaffee Zoo is inviting guests to stay after hours until 8:00 pm on select Friday nights. The zoo plans to bring a family-friendly experience where guests can enjoy warm spring nights with special menus from the chef at the Kopje Lodge along with all of the food available on the regular menu.


May 3rd – Lions and Line Dancing
The first day of the Evenings on the Savanna kicks off on May 3rd. The night will have the theme “Lions and Line Dancing” with country music, special BBQ cookout food, and karaoke open to all guests.

May 10th – Cheetahs and Margaritas
With the theme of “Cheetahs and Margaritas”, guests can enjoy a special Mexican food menu, salsa dancing with an instructor, and live music from Los Principiantes Del Son.

May 17th – Warthogs and Hot Rods
The third Friday of the month brings “Warthogs and Hot Rods” with a special menu of rock ‘n roll themed food, live music from First Gear Band and hot rods on display.

May 24th – Meerkats and Mascots
The final theme of the month is “Meerkats and Mascots”. Local Mascots will visit the zoo while guests can participate in sports trivia while enjoying a stadium-food themed menu.

There is no extra cost to attend the Evenings on the Savannah. Just pay regular admission before 7 PM (when the ticket booth closes).

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