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Restaurant Round-Up: New Openings in 2017

The Fresno restaurant scene is growing and bringing in more trendy options. There were a lot of new restaurant openings in 2017. Here are some of the top new openings.

  1. Doll’s Kitchen
  2. dolls kitchen
    Doll’s Kitchen is a new soul food restaurant in southeast Fresno in July. They sell southern style barbeque with tri-tip, ribs, fried chicken, oxtail, and fried fish on the menu. You can also get teriyaki bowls there.
    Location: 4795 E McKinley Avenue, Fresno

  3. blufin
  4. blufin, and no it’s not supposed to be capitalized, is a new Japanese restaurant on the corner of Cedar and Herndon. But it’s not a typical Japanese restaurant. They have lots of vegan and vegetarian options, as well as poke salads, teriyaki plates, and ramen.
    Location: 7043 N Cedar Avenue, Fresno

  5. Celsius
  6. Celsius is a poke restaurant and boba bar all in one. Poke is a Hawaiian dish of raw fish topped with traditional sushi toppings. Celsius also offers chicken instead of raw fish. They have a large tea menu all with the option of adding boba.
    Location: 681 E Nees Avenue, Fresno

  7. Butterfish
  8. butterfish
    Butterfish is another poke restaurant on Friant at the Park Crossing shopping center. They focus on serving quality ingredients to give consumers a healthy fast-food option.
    Location: 8482 N Friant Road, Suite 101, Fresno

  9. Poki Bowl Express
  10. Poki Bowl Express opened in southeast Fresno on Kings Canyon Road and Fowler. They offer the traditional fish types as well as chicken.
    Location: 6127 East Kings Canyon Road, Fresno

Go check out these restaurants and let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!

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