As Central California’s heart of creative and technical communities, Fresno Ideaworks provides resources to help individuals realize projects, develop ideas, and discover their hidden potential. All skill levels are welcome. Fresmp Ideaworks provides instruction, equipment, and community. They serve all of Central California, from education to industry, and children through retirees. The combined knowledge, skills, and abilities of our community bring each individual greater power than the collective attributes of the group.


  1. Provide instruction on a variety of creative and technical disciplines.
  2. Provide a space for people to discover their hidden potential and develop skills.
  3. Provide equipment, space, and other resources that would otherwise be unattainable for individuals or organizations.
  4. Cultivate collaboration among Central California’s creative and technical communities.

  • message/ text: 559-840-upHz (8749)
  • 1730 H Street, Fresno, 93721