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New Credit Union Focused on Low-Wealth Families opening in SE Fresno

The Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission has partnered with Self-Help Federal Credit Union to open a new branch in Southeast Fresno. The branch will be opening soon on the Corner of Kings Canyon and Peach. The mission of Self-Help Federal Credit Union is to provide economic opportunity for all. Their focus is especially on minorities, single mothers, or low income families and they intentionally open branches in lower income communities.

The company was founded on the east coast in 1980 and expanded into California in 2006.  They intentionally seek out underserved communities for places to set up shop. According to their website:

“Too many communities across the country lack access to affordable financial services. When quality choices aren’t available, predatory lenders and high-fee check cashers often thrive. Self-Help intentionally locates branches in underserved communities, and we extend our service through mobile technology and partnerships with local groups. We also serve neighborhoods by financing community development projects and rehabilitating historic buildings in areas that have suffered from disinvestment and blight.”



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