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Hit the Slopes at China Peak

Fresno is in an awesome place to live if you love the mountains. With Kings Canyon, Sequoia, and Yosemite National Park all so close, there are endless places to explore. My favorite time is in the winter, because China Peak Mountain Resort is open for skiing and snowboarding. Did you know that China Peak got the second most amount of snow this year of any mountain resort in California? The only mountain that got more snow was Mammoth. I recently went snowboarding at China Peak, and here are all the great things about China Peak Mountain Resort.

  1. China Peak is So Close to Fresno!
  2. From northeast Fresno, it only took me an hour and a half to get to the mountain. The roads are well maintained so it’s easy to get up there. I remember as a kid getting up at 4 in the morning to drive from Sonoma County to Tahoe for a day trip. We would get there by 8 or 9, ski or snowboard all day, then start driving to get home around 10 at night. It was a long exhausting day, and now I don’t have to do that anymore. My favorite time to snowboard is in the morning so I leave around 7:30 to get there right when the lifts open at 9.

  3. The Prices are Amazing
  4. Skiing and snowboarding are expensive. Between the lift ticket and renting equipment, it can add up quickly. I’ve owned my own equipment for a few years now so all I have to pay for now is a lift ticket. There are so many great deals at China Peak! If you buy your lift ticket online ahead of time, you can save a couple bucks, which I’m all for. I think the best deal is for people in their twenties. You can get a non-holiday lift ticket for $49. To give you some perspective, Mammoth Mountain charges $116 for a single day non-holiday lift ticket. That is more than double! If you are between the ages of 30 and 64 you can get a non-holiday lift ticket for $67. Not bad for the mountain with the second most amount of snow in California. China Peak offers ski and snowboard rental and lesson packages. If you want to do something special for Valentine’s Day, they have a special offer for dinner for 2, a 1-night stay at the inn, and 2 lift tickets for the next day, all for $229 per couple.

  5. Short Wait Times
  6. There have been days when I went snowboarding in Tahoe or Mammoth, and waited in lift lines for 30 minutes every time I came down the mountain. The most I waited in a lift line at China Peak was 5 minutes. So you actually get to snowboard or ski instead of waiting in line.

Overall, China Peak is an awesome place to snowboard or ski. There are plenty of runs to choose from so you’ll have a lot of places to explore and try out. Don’t miss the snow this season! Get your lift tickets now!

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