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Grocery Delivery Services in Fresno

Grocery delivery services are popping up all over Fresno. You can choose from Instacart, Amazon Fresh, Vons Delivery, and Walmart Grocery Pick-up. Here’s how they work.


Instacart is kind of like Uber for grocery delivery and more. The stores that use Instacart in Fresno are Vons, Smart & Final, Costco Wholesale, CVS Pharmacy, and Petco. There are over one thousand products to choose from, they have same-day delivery with delivery in as little as one hour. They offer free delivery on the first order then after that pricing depends on the size of the order and how much you spent. Generally, two-hour deliveries are $3.99, one-hour deliveries are $14.99. If you pay $99 a year for an Instacart Plus membership, all two-hour deliveries over $35 are free.

Costco Grocery

Costco Grocery has a two day delivery for non-perishable items. There is no delivery fee if your order is $75 or more. If you don’t make it to the $75 on your order, the delivery fee is only $3.

Vons Grocery Delivery

Vons Grocery Delivery offers free delivery on your first order as long as it’s over $49. They also offer monthly deals that sometimes include free delivery. They don’t charge a monthly fee but they do charge $9.95 for shipping on purchases of $150 or more or $12.95 for shipping on purchases under $150.

Walmart Grocery Pickup

Walmart Grocery Pickup doesn’t deliver groceries but still makes grocery shopping much faster. You can go online and choose your groceries, then go to the store where they will load your groceries directly into your car for free. People who have used it say they save so much money because they shop for what they need and don’t make spur of the moment purchases. They even offer store pickup discounts on select items.

Depending on your lifestyle or how many people you’re shopping for, using one of the grocery delivery services could save you money and most definitely save you time.

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