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Fulton Live Brings Local Music Downtown

Starting May 18th, on the 3rd Friday of every month from 7-10 pm, live bands will be playing at select venues on Fulton Street in Downtown Fresno. Supporters will come out to eat, drink, socialize and enjoy the live music at multiple locations on Fulton St.

But Fulton Live is more than just a live music event every month. It will benefit our community in multiple ways.

First, it is all about supporting the local music scene in Fresno. According to Fulton Live’s Founder, Albee Sanchez, there is currently little to no future for successful musicians in Fresno.

“If a musician or band become successful, then they will almost instinctively want to leave Fresno to pursue their musical careers in larger cities, such as Los Angeles or Nashville. We want to create a hub for local musicians to improve, perform and prosper, all while staying in Fresno.” Sanchez Said.

Secondly, Fulton Live will create more reasons for people to visit Downtown. According to Sanchez, “Fulton St. was given the name ‘Fulton Entertainment District’ with the intention to drive events and gatherings in the area, unfortunately it hasn’t been too successful outside the street party every now and then, or the alley wave parties at the Broadway Event Center. Everyone recognizes the issue, but its not just one specific thing that will fix it. We are hoping Fulton Live can add to the festivities that are/will be available for our residents to enjoy in Downtown Fresno.”

Currently, Fulton Live has collaborated with 9 venues that have agreed to host bands for Fulton Live every month. There is no cost for the venues to participate as well as no cost for bands or musicians to play. The concept is simple. Fulton Live connects bands with venues, the venues pay the band, and the band drives sales for the venue. All Fulton Live events will be free for the public.

Fulton Live Dates

| May 18 | June 22 | July 20 | August 24 | September 21 | October 19 | November 23 | December 28 | January 25, 2019 | February 15, 2019 | March 15, 2019 | April 19, 2019 |

Current Venues

| Frank’s Place | Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company | Los Panchos Mexican Restaurant | Broadway Event Center | Hop PK | Joes Steak House | Chicken Shack | Pacific Southwest Building | Take 3 |

Check out the Spotify playlist of Fresno artists

Be sure to use the Fulton Live Snapchat Filter on May 18th, opening day!

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering or just want general information you can visit the Fulton Live Facebook page for updates and event dates. You can also email Fulton Live at Albee@FultonLive.com for personal questions or inquiries.

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