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Fresno Splash Parks

July is the hottest month of the year in Fresno with temperatures rising into the triple digits. When it gets this hot, sometimes we just want to find a place with good air conditioning and do nothing. But the City of Fresno is finding ways to help keep kids cool while still getting outside and having fun. Fresno splash parks have been popping up around the city over the past couple of years so kids can still go to the park but have a way to keep cool. The splash parks include interactive water features, misters, and cascades and are running from May to October. All of the Fresno splash parks use recirculated water so they do not drain the city water supply. Here are some of the most popular Fresno splash parks in the city.

Dickey Playground

About: Dickey Playground has interactive water spouts that shoot up into the air for kids to play around in. The park was recently renovated in 2013.
Location: 50 North Calaveras Street, Fresno

Figarden Loop Park

About: Figarden Loop Park has water spouts that shoot out of the ground as well as buckets that fill with water and pour down on top of people. There are also a lot of shaded areas in this park for parents to watch their kids.
Location: 4265 West Figarden Drive, Fresno

Todd Beamer Park

About: Todd Beamer Park is one of the best splash parks in Fresno because it has shooting water spouts, buckets of water that pour on top of people, as well as arches with water shooting out and spinning water disks.
Location: 9797 North Maple Ave, Fresno

Martin Ray Reilly Park

About: Martin Ray Reilly Park opened two years ago in Southeast Fresno. The splash park includes shooting water spouts for kids to interact with. The playground is also covered so kids won’t burn themselves on a hot day while playing.
Location: 750 North Chestnut Ave, Fresno

Inspiration Park

About: Inspiration Park has shooting water spouts and features a giant bucket that fills with water to spill all over the kids.
Location: 5770 West Gettysburg Ave, Fresno

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