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Fresno Rated Number One Place to Live If You Love the Outdoors

US News published a list last week of the best metro areas to live, if you love the outdoors. They rated the cities based on the number of parks in the area, as well as the percentage of total area that is comprised of Parkland. Parks considered included U.S. National Parks, State Parks and City Parks. Fresno was number one on the list!

They said; “Fresno residents benefit from access to three fairly large regional parks, including the highly praised Woodward Park. Perched on the banks of the San Joaquin River, Woodward Park comprises 300 acres of public land that features hiking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds and a fenced-in dog park. Woodward Park is especially popular among bird lovers, who flock to the southeast corner for prime viewing.”

Other Cities that made the list included Toledo, El Paso and San Diego.

About Jenni Solla

Jenni and her family have lived in Fresno since 2010. Jenni believes that Fresno is not only a great place to live, but has also seen it grow and improve over the years she's lived here. Together with her husband Nathan, she is a founding partner at WorldLight Media LLC, a creative web design and marketing firm that has been in business for over 13 years and is headquartered in Fresno. Nathan and Jenni have two children, Their oldest is 14 and has been diagnosed with Autism. Their youngest is 12 years old. Things Jenni loves about Fresno: The sunshine, traffic (or lack there of), the small town feel combined with the big city conveniences, the local food, and her church.