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Fresno Museums

Going to a museum is usually a special occasion type of thing, where you only go when you’re on vacation or in a historically famous place. But have you ever actually visited museums of the place where you live? You can learn a lot about the history of your hometown, and the city of Fresno has a lot to offer with its museums. So become a local tourist by visiting Fresno museums today!

  1. Fresno Art Museum
  2. The Fresno Art Museum displays local art of all different kinds. They have different exhibitions featuring artists for a certain amount of time, so there is always something new to see. Their regular hours are Thursday – Sunday from 11-5. Be sure to check their website before going as they sometimes have special events or are closed for holidays. Located at 2233 North First Street, Fresno.

  3. The Discovery Center
  4. The Discovery Center is a hands-on exploration science museum for kids. They offer special prices for classroom visits and groups and even do birthday parties. They are open 7 days a week from 9-5 and located at 1944 N Winery Ave, Fresno.

  5. Meux Home Museum
  6. The Meux Home Museum is a tribute to Victorian architecture. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on January 14, 1975. Tours are available Friday – Sunday from 12:00 – 3:00
    or by appointment for groups of 12 or more
    . It is located at 1007 R. Street, Fresno.

  7. Armenian Heritage Museum
  8. The Armenian Museum of Fresno was established to educate people about the contributions that the Armenian people have made to the Central Valley. It features music, literature and fine arts. The hours vary based on scheduled events so call 559-224-1001 before you plan on going. It is located at 550 E Shaw Ave, Fresno.

  9. Veterans Memorial Museum
  10. The Veterans Memorial Museum is “Home of the Legion of Valor”. The museum exhibits thousands of items and papers donated by Legion of Valor members as well as others. Numerous framed citations, photographs, and exhibits tell the story of America’s wars as seen by individual soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen. Uniforms and equipment of different eras are also on display. It is open from 10-3 on Monday – Saturday and located at 2425 Fresno Street.

  11. African American Historical and Cultural Museum
  12. The African American Museum serves as a way to bring people together of all ethnicities and backgrounds to appreciate the culture of African American people in the Valley. It’s open from Tuesday – Friday from 10-2 and located at 1857 Fulton St, Fresno.

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