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Are you tired of driving around that same pothole every day? Tired of looking at graffiti on your walk to the bus? Notice some illegal dumping on your street? The City of Fresno wants to do something about it, and they are counting on YOU to assist them with these problems and others by reporting them using the FresGo App.

FresGo is an app specifically for Fresno residents to know what’s going on in their city. It allows residents to access the City of Fresno all in one location. The overall purpose of the program is to improve resident communications and service delivery within our city.

With this app, residents can submit, track, and view service requests nearby. FresGo users can take a picture of their service request, give the location, and send the request directly to the City of Fresno. They can log into their FresGo account to check the status of their request, or sign up for receive alerts on their requests.

For example, say you are driving on a surface street and you hit a pothole. You car tire pops and you pull over. Once it is safe, you can find the pothole that made your tire go flat, login to the FresGo app, take a picture of the pothole, choose your location, and send it directly to the City of Fresno. The City of Fresno will be notified of the problem and start preparations to fix it. If you are curious how quickly the problem will be dealt with, you can sign up to receive alerts on the pothole request or simply check the status on the FreGo app.

By participating in the usage of the FresGo app, you can make the city of Fresno a safer and more efficient place to live.

Here are the things you are able to report through FresGo:

  • Vacant and Blighted Property – This includes tall grass/weeds, overgrown landscaping, junk/rubbish, broken windows, and dilapidated exterior structure.
  • Substandard Housing/Building Violations – Tenants may report a substandard housing/building condition if the landlord has been unresponsive to requests to fix the items.
  • Graffiti – To report graffiti take a photograph, complete the form and submit the request. If you are witnessing the act in progress then call 911.
  • Water Issues – Report your Water Conservation, Survey/Audit requests, Water Operational or Water Quality issues.
  • Street Issues – These include street lights that have gone out, street trees blocking sidewalks or streets, and street sweeping issues.
  • Traffic Issues – Report if you witness a signal that is out, flashing red, or has fallen down or is leaning over. You can also report traffic sign or roadway marking issues.
  • Potholes – Report pothole issues that you see on the street.
  • Blocked Roadway/Sidewalk – Report debris, spills, and emergency traffic hazards.
  • Concrete Sidewalk and Curb/Gutter – Report sidewalks, curbs, or gutters that are raised or sinking as well as standing water in gutters.
  • City Maintained Landscapes – Report problems of public landscapes along roadways.
  • Illegal Dumping/Litter – Report trash and debris that has been left outside.
  • Solid Waste Issues – Report a missed pickup or broken container.
  • Code Enforcement Issues – Report a vehicle on an unpaved surface or inoperable vehicles in driveways.
  • Abandoned Vehicle on Street for 72 hours – Report an abandoned vehicle on the street that has been parked for more than 72 hours.
  • Parks and Recreation – Report park repairs, safety or maintenance issues at Parks, as well concerns regarding recreational programs.

FresGo supports seventeen languages through it’s One Voice Translation feature. A resident can submit a request in his or her native language and it automatically translates to English for the Fresno officials. It goes both ways as well – updates and comments are translated back into the user’s native language.

Residents can also access FresGo through the City of Fresno website.

FresGo is a free service and is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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