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Changes Coming to Downtown Fresno

There are a lot of construction projects going on in Downtown Fresno. Here are a couple of changes that are underway:

Fulton Street

Construction began on Fulton Street in late April and will continue on throughout the next year. The project is broken up into three super blocks with each block seeing some sort of construction within the first three weeks of the project. The bulk of the construction is on super block 3, the southern end of Fulton Street.
All businesses are open during construction. It is important to support the businesses on Fulton Street throughout the construction period. Spread the word!

Fulton Street Art Collection

During the construction on Fulton Street, the street art is either being protected or taken down and prepared for shipping. Some of the pieces are being cleaned and repaired in Fresno while others are being shipped to Sculpture Conservation Studios in Los Angeles to receive the highest level of care. Five million dollars is being invested to restore the art.

The Lede

The Lede is located on the corner of Van Ness and Stanislaus and is the newest residential project for Granville Urban Development. This block has a lot of journalism and news history being the original location of The Fresno Bee. It was also the location for Fresno’s first commercial radio station and its first television station. The Lede celebrated its ribbon cutting in December 2015 opening the first ten units. The rest of the 75 units are scheduled to open late summer 2016.

Parker-Nash Building

The Parker-Nash building is being restored by local developer Cliff Tutelian, who has been very successful at restoring historic properties. The building is in the process of being restored into a state of the art charter school to become the new home for Kepler Neighborhood school, who has outgrown their current space across the street.

Tuolumne Street

The Tuolumne Street bridge was demoed ahead of schedule and crews are beginning to set columns for the new two-way bridge. The new two-way traffic bridge will make way for the high-speed rail and make it easier for people to support the small businesses along this street. The new bridge should be completed by late 2016.

The Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan Tavern and Italian Grill is opening its new location next to the Selland Arena. The tavern will be opening in early summer and will feature an amazing outdoor patio.

With all of these new projects in development, Downtown Fresno will have an added charm to it, making it even more enjoyable.

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