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3 Ways to Build Family Relationships During Shelter-In-Place

We’ve got 3 ways to build family relationships during Shelter-In-Place mode. And we believe you’ll find great value in participating in these family-friendly activities.

1 | Carve Out Alone Time

Yes, it may seem counterintuitive. However, chances are you’re in tight quarters with your family during this time. While it’s important to continue to do things together to bolster close relationships, it’s also important to take time out.

Even for couples.

Forbes.com reports, “Couples thrive when there’s a healthy balance between time spent together and time spent apart.” They recommend an hour or two each day.

It’s also important for parents and children.

During your normal routine, you likely had alone time. For instance, when commuting to work. Or maybe even during your workout time.

But with Shelter-In-Place Guidelines active, you likely are missing out on some of the blessings of your once-normal routine.

Establish a new normal and increase your happiness.

2 | Develop Short-Term Plans Together

Forbes also recommends doing short-term family planning. Together.

Make sure your plans includes things you can control. For instance, meal planning, Shelter-In-Place-Friendly Activities. Books you will both read and discuss together.

Take everything one day at a time. And honestly, if that’s too much, then take it one hour at a time. You get to make the rules. Together.

Brainstorms are brilliant when multiple brains are involved.

3 | Practice Kindness

There’s no better time than the present to practice kindness. Plus, you can learn more about your family.

For example, ask each family member to share a story about a time when they experienced the most kindness. Then, look for Shelter-In-Place-Friendly ways to extend a similar act of kindness.

Maybe your partner experience kindness most when either he or she receives a compliment from you. If so, then find a genuine compliment with which to pay them. It will be more valuable than money.

Maybe either your son or daughter sees kindness in the way you handle his or her laundry. Go the extra mile. Include a heart-felt note when you stack the laundry on your child’s bed. Better yet? If you put the clothes away in a drawer, then tuck the note in for a sweet surprise next time he or she opens it.

And Don’t Forget!

Here at ILoveFresno, we’re always keeping our eyes and ears open for ways you can bolster your family in Fresno. Even when Shelter-In-Place Guidelines are enacted. You are top of mind for us now and always.

We’re keeping you and yours close to our hearts and thoughts.


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