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Equal pay for Women: Fresno Number One City in US

According to an article recently published in the Huffington Post, the pay gap for Women in Fresno is statistically closest to the average pay men receive than any other US City surveyed.

Women working in Fresno made nearly ninety cents for every dollar a man made, the smallest gender pay gap among the 100 largest U.S. metro areas. Overall, earnings were not especially high, with a typical resident earning $37,424 in 2013, versus the national median of $42,498. And while women tended to have higher college attainment rates than men in the area, all residents were far less likely than most Americans to have completed at least a bachelor’s degree as of 2013. While women made up a minority of workers in computer and mathematical occupations, as well as in the architecture and engineering professions, their median earnings were higher than their male counterparts. However, in both fields, women in Fresno did not earn more than men in similar jobs nationwide. The gender pay gap would have been even smaller if median earnings for women in legal occupations were higher. Women in such jobs earned less than 40% of what men did, an exceptionally wide gap compared to other areas with the lowest pay gaps.

1. Fresno, CA Metro Area
> Women’s pay as a pct. of men’s: 89.6%
> Median earnings for men: $39,697
> Median earnings for women: $35,557