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Crime Rates Drop in Fresno Tower District

According to a recent police report, the crime rates in the Tower District from May and June to July and August have reduced significantly.

Lieutenant Mark Salazar, commander of the department’s Southwest District, gave the percentage drops in crime rates:

  • Forty percent decrease in robberies
  • Thirty-six percent drop in burglaries
  • Thirty-five percent decrease in car break-ins
  • Sixty-four percent drop in stolen cars

The Tower District is being patrolled 24/7 by investigators, patrol officers, and problem-oriented policing officers. There have also been bicycle officers who circulate the Tower District on a regular basis. Officers have been encouraged to become familiar faces in the area by stopping at popular spots. While the constant patrol is making a difference in robberies, burglaries, and car break-ins, Salazar also came up with the strategy that is reducing violent crime that is making a difference.

Focusing on violent crime in southwest Fresno is a priority for the police department. It has been lowering significantly.